Program Overview

Every organization has its core competence which is guarded by its finance team; hence finance person is a goal keeper of an organization. Financial management is a process to have knowledge of Balance sheets, analyzing cost center and expenses of an organization.

This program provides a comprehensive introduction to the core elements of financial management and its role in business success. This Program covers the principles and importance of efficient financial management, and how financial information can be used to improve the quality of management decision-making. It deals with planning, investment decisions, project analysis, managing risk, types and sources of finance and financial markets.

Graduates of this program will be equipped with necessary management skills to compete in today’s rapidly growing and highly challenging economy, which has helped take their careers to the next level.

Why study with us?

We provide high quality academic trainings that will enable you to get qualified in your chosen field; you will also be provided with a solid foundation to help you build your career or business. We’ll help you achieve your ambitions no matter how big they are and at the same time open your mind to possibilities you didn’t even know existed. Our standards are very high yet, we are easily accessible and affordable to everyone irrespective of their socio-economic background.

Entry Requirements

  • Grade 12 – Matric,
  • A senior certificate or
  • National Certificate (N3) or a relevant Nated equivalent qualification

Program Modules

N4 Financial Management (SAQA ID 66874)


  • Entrepreneurship and business management N4
  • Management Communication N4
  • Computer Practice N4
  • Personnel Management N4

N5 Human Resource Management (SAQA ID 66953)

  • Entrepreneurship and business management N4
  • Management Communication N4
  • Computerised Financial Systems N4
  • Financial Accounting N4

N5 Financial Management (SAQA ID 66954)

  • Computer Practice N6
  • Personnel Management N6
  • Personnel Training N6
  • Labour Relations N6

N6 Financial Management (SAQA ID 66998)

  • Entrepreneurship and business management N6
  • Cost & Management Accounting N6
  • Computerised Financial Systems N6
  • Financial Accounting N6


Qualification Obtainable

On completion of the program, student will receive a certificate for each level completed and subsequently a Diploma in Financial Management. Certificates and Diplomas are awarded by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Fees and related academic expenses

Click below here to access the program FACT SHEET for a detailed info.

Duration of study

Full Time: Minimum 2 Years

  • Part Time: Minimum 3 Years
  • In-Service Training: 18 Months (After completing the N6 Certificate, students need to complete 18 months of practical experience in their area of study to obtain a National N-Diploma.)

Career Opportunities

  • Financial manager
  • Credit Manager
  • Financial accountant
  • Banking officer
  • Financial advisor
  • Tax advisor
  • Financial strategist
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