2022 GRADUATION CEREMONY: What you need to know!



What date is the graduation ceremony holding? 

The graduation ceremony will be held on the 1st of October 2022.

Where will the ceremony be held? 

The graduation ceremony will be held at Booysens Hotel and conference centre. 


Booysens Hotel & conference centre at, 33 Booysens Road & Fraser Street,  Johannesburg 2001.

What time does the graduation ceremony start? 

The ceremony will commence from 10h00 till 13h00 (No African time!)

Are guests allowed? 

All graduands will have the opportunity of inviting two guests, additional guests will be allowed but at a cost of R250 per guest.

How much is the graduation fee? 

R2 750. An additional amount of R500 as security in respect of the  graduation gown will be payable. The R500 will be refunded on returning the graduation gown.

When will the graduation gown be collected? 

The gowns will be collected two days before the actual ceremony.

Will the college provide transportation to the venue? 

Yes. Those who will not be travelling in their own cars can come down to  the College from where they will be shuttled down to the venue .

What time will the transportation depart from the college to the ceremony venue?

Transportation will be available from 8h30 – 9h30.

Will I be able to keep the gown at the end of the ceremony?

No, except for students who have made arrangements to buy the gown.

Will I be able to keep the belt after the ceremony? 

All students will be able to keep their belt, but this will attract a deduction of  R200 from the R500 deposit.

Will there be refreshments at the ceremony? 


Is it possible to pay for an additional guest on the day of the graduation ceremony?

Yes, it will be possible, but we advise that the issue of additional guests be sorted way ahead of the ceremony.

Will there be the issuance of qualifications on the day of graduation?

Most qualifications are issued directly from the Department of which we have no control over hence, there will not be issuance of certificate at the ceremony.

If I have paid half of the required amount, will I still be able to participate in the ceremony?

No, only students with paid up fees will be able to participate in the ceremony.

If I am unable to attend the graduation ceremony due to any reason will I be able to get a refund?

No, you will not be refunded.

Can I bring my own photographer to the ceremony? 

Yes, but they will be restricted during the ceremony but will become unrestricted after the ceremony.

How many pictures are we going to receive since the amount charged covers pictures as well?

Each graduand will get 3 pictures.

When, where and how do I pay? 

Payment must be made into the designated ABSA account. Please consult with the College for payment advice.

Who is eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony?

Only students who have completed all the required modules under their program of study.

How long will the ceremony last? 

It will last for about 2 – 3 hours.

Who should I contact regarding information for graduation ceremony?

Please call the College landline on +27 11 071 71 71. 

Can I get the belt without attending the ceremony? 

Unfortunately, no!

If I am unable to attend the forthcoming ceremony,  will I be able to attend the future ceremony?


Can my guest come with balloons & flowers? 


What if I have additional questions? 

Please call the College landline on +27 11 071 71 71.

What is the dress code? 

Graduands must come formally dressed. Anyone who is not formally dressed will not be allowed to partake in the ceremony.

If you Have Any Questions call us at 011-071-7171

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