The College

The College!

Hillcross College is a private, registered, and accredited provider of Further and Training Education qualifications in the Republic of South Africa.

Part of our philosophy is the contribution to the sustenance of academic excellence as a developmental factor to the economy of South Africa and the global community. In addition to the sustenance of academic excellence, the College prides itself in enabling students from every background irrespective of race, religion, gender, sex, or economic status the provision of a level playing field by ensuring access to affordable and quality education comparable globally.

Our classes and training are professionally structured and delivered in ways that promote result-oriented outcomes. Our tutors are suitably qualified and top-notch in their respective discipline and with us you can learn from the best in your chosen field of study!

Our courses can be offered in full or part-time basis as well as via face-to-face or by distance learning. These courses are grounded in the very latest developments in related industries so as to give you a strong and proper leverage into the real-world application of your program of study. Therefore, you will graduate with cognate skills and requisite knowledge. It is important to note that virtually all our courses are recognised by both relevant academic and professional bodies.

Aside from your academic quest in the College, we extensively offer registered student optimum opportunities to develop themselves in non-academic student endeavours. Our commitment to quality extends through vast areas of student life from academics, sports, social clubs, student societies to life after studying.

The College boasts of standard educational training facilities that encourage ease of academic training delivery. Our students enjoy unbridled support both academically and in non-academic areas of learning. With us your academic dream rests assured!!!

Over the years, as part of our social corporate investment, the College has afforded students from financially disadvantaged homes the rare opportunity to experience a push in their determination to achieve excellence academically.

This we were able to achieve through the annual scholarship/bursary award. These awards are targeted at indigent students who are academic superstars and who are unable to access funding to further into the higher education sphere. Every year, hundreds of non-repayable scholarship/bursary awards are offered to deserving students as our meagre contribution to the upliftment of humanity.

The collective of our Alumni forms a pool of highly sought-after individuals and professionals. Based on our enviable track record, we can assure anyone including prospective students that studying at the College puts them in the saddle and control of their future.

Join us today and make a life changing decision.

Our Vision
To become a leading and respected provider of quality education and training comparable globally using people, cutting edge technology and quality service.
Our Values
  • Furtherance of human development using quality education

  • Furtherance of human rights through quality and affordable education

  • Furtherance of academic morality

  • Commitment to cultural diversity

  • Use of academic research and its application to further the upliftment of mankind

  • Furtherance of community and national development using education

Our Mission
To advance knowledge as a virtue as part of human development necessary to achieve professional goals, improve productivity and provision of leadership qualities for community and national development.

Why Study With Us?

  1. Affordable fees
  2. Highly supportive learning environment

Training Facilities
We offer state-of-art academic facilities, won't you rather join us?

Qualified Staff
Our lecturers are very experienced professionals with years of teaching experience.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to be a part of this very innovative learning citadel.

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