Program Overview

This qualification is aimed at persons who work or intend to work in the family law section of lower courts in South Africa, and who seek recognition for essential skills in court-based family law practice. The purpose of the qualification is to confer the qualifying learner with a basic knowledge and understanding of the family law system and legislation in South Africa, their application and social context, as well as the skills and competencies needed to deliver family-law related services to the public in the court environment.

The qualification will confer accredited status to persons who provide legal assistance and support to members of the public in the family law-related court environment. This qualification is designed to be flexible and accessible so that recipients of this qualification know about and will be able to conduct the essential operations of court-based family law service delivery.

Practitioners will carry out their role within the context of South African courts that provide family law services to the public, at a lower court level.

This qualification equips learners to make a meaningful contribution to South Africa's constitutional democracy by enhancing the quality of legal services provided by the state, improving access to justice and contributing to the resolution of family disputes.


Court-based family law practice refers to a combination of tasks and responsibilities relating to maintenance, domestic violence, divorce and children's court matters, carried out by staff employed as clerks and administrators in South African courts. Due to the duties imposed on the state by family law-related legislation, these court staff are obligated to provide both administrative and legal assistance and support to the public, the court itself and other role-players in the family law system. 

As such, the nature of their occupation differs considerably from that of legal assistants and/or paralegals working in the private sector or non-governmental advice office sector. Court-based family law service providers play a pivotal role in the state family law system and the resolution of family law disputes in South Africa, but thus far have seldom enjoyed the benefit of formal legal training. This qualification will equip them with the legal knowledge, communication and administrative skills needed to work with the range of family law-related matters in the court environment.

This will result in qualified and competent family law service providers in South African courts, offering more effective and informed advice and assistance to people with family law problems. This in turn will contribute to the quicker and more efficient processing of family law matters through the court system, thereby reducing court backlogs and expediting rapid and durable solutions for South African families in crisis.

This qualification intends to equip the learner with the necessary life skills and has an integrated approach to critical cross-field outcomes. This certificate establishes minimum standards and contributes to quality service provision, as well as ethical and professional standards.

Court-based family law service provision is regulated by domestic legislation and governmental policy, as well as by international treaties. These governing instruments have a major influence on the construct of this qualification.

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Entry Requirements

  • Grade 12 – Matric,
  • A senior certificate or
  • National Certificate (N3) or a relevant Nated equivalent qualification
  • International students with Senior School Certificate can apply.

Learning assumed to be in place:

It is assumed that learners enrolling for this qualification will have acquired all the outcomes in the following learning areas:

  • Communication skills at NQF level 4. 
  • Mathematical literacy skills at NQF level 4. 
  • Computing skills at NQF level 3. 
  • A Further Education and Training Certificate at NQF Level 4.

Exit level outcomes

  1. Apply fundamental knowledge and understanding of family law to specific situations within the South African legal context.
  2. Communicate with role-players in the family law system and with members of the public seeking family law-related services in the court environment.
  3. Guide and refer members of the public with family law-related problems.
  4. Assist in solving problems in a court-based family law context by working in a team and individually.
  5. Provide administrative and organisational support in the family court environment.
  6. Exercise ethical conduct, values and professionalism when dealing with all role-players and members of the public.

Internship Requirement

This programme requires that the student undertakes an internship for a minimum of 12 months in relevant industry after completing the in-class academic study. There is an opportunity for job placement assistance through our industry network after graduating depending on availability.

Qualification Obtainable 

On completion of the program, student will receive a certificate for level completed. Qualifications are issued by SASSETA – Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority.

Program Accreditation Information 

SASSETA – Safety and Security Sector Education and Training accreditation No: ACC/2016/07/0083/PAA002974
Department of Higher Education and Training accreditation No: 2019/FE07/011

Duration, Study Mode & Intake Dates

Full Time

  • Study Duration: 18 – 24 months   
  • Admission dates: January and July every year

Online & Part Time  

  • Duration: 18 – 30 months
  • Admission dates: January and July every year   

Career Opportunities

  • Family law counselor

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