Studying Online – What you need to know

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    1. Online/Distance learning is when you take ARRANGED classes online over the Internet instead of in a physical classroom.
    2. When you study online/Distance, you achieve the same qualification as someone studying in the classroom at a college.
    3. Please note that when you study via Online/Distance learning, you dictate the pace at which you study.
    4. You are expected to study (read) independently (on your own) and you are expected to communicate with your lecturers on any areas of study that you have read but still require explanation on.
    5. You may be part of a live or recorded online class.
    6. You will be able to watch the recorded classes from our online e-Learning portal at any time and at your convenience so you can re-watch and catch up with classes.
    7. You will be able to upload assignments using the online e-Learning portal.
    8. Learning materials (books), and study guides are delivered to students by fast courier. There is also an option for students to pick it up personally from the College.
    9. Depending on your program of study, exams may be written online for some courses, while others will be written at the College or at other exam centers around the country. Please contact the student advisor if you need to know how if your exams will be written online or in-class.
    10. Students are strongly advised to pay attention to the information as described in number 4 above.

What you need to study via Online/Distance Learning

    1. Reliable internet connection
    2. Laptop, Desktop or tablet
    3. Email
    4. A good study environment
    5. Time management skill

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