Online Learning Student Guide

All students must ensure that they submit all required application documents to avoid being restricted from accessing the online class. The required documents include: 

  1. Study Contract 
  2. Acceptance of admission 
  3. Certified ID copy 
  4. Certified ID copy of sponsor (for those whose fees will be paid by someone else) 
  5. Proof of address 
  6. Matric result  

Returning students are also expected to submit recent copies of the above-listed document. The first two (study contract and acceptance are not required).

The Required documents should be sent via email to

Every student must ensure that they send an ID photo for the purpose of their student card.  

The ID photo shot can be taken with a phone but must have a plain background. 

Students who have not sent in their ID photo should do so immediately.  

The ID photo should be sent via email to 

Students who have fully and successfully registered will be issued with the CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION document as evidence of having successfully registered to study for a particular semester. 

Please contact the College via email at for issues with the confirmation of registration document.

Students who are interested in the FREE Matric rewrite/upgrade are advised to contact the College via email on or before the 20th of February 2023 via email to for exam entry purpose.

Students are expected to order for their books once they have fulfilled all the requirements stated above.  Books must be ordered early enough every semester. 

Books, once ordered will be delivered via fast courier.  

The books can also be picked up at the college by the student.  

The cost of the fast courier will be borne by the student and the amount payable will depend on where the student resides.  Students are expected to pay a minimum of 70% of the cost of books before they are released to them. For information regarding the books particularly the price please click here: (Online Books Price List)

Dispatch of books will commence from Monday, 13th February 2023. 

Please contact the College via email at for issues about books. 

Online classes, video tutorials, assessments, and assignments for Online students usually happen on the e-Learning portal.

What you need to study via Online/Distance Learning: 

  1. Reliable internet connection 
  2. Laptop, Desktop, or tablet 
  3. Email
  4. A good study environment 
  5. Time management skills 

Assignments, assessments, and exams (for those who will be writing online) will be uploaded using the e-Learning portal.  Please find the link to the USER GUIDE for the e-Learning portal: (e-Learning portal user guide). 

Every online student will be sent login details from Saturday, 11th February 2023.  

The portal will be open and accessible to students from Tuesday, 14th February 2023. 

Login details for returning students remain the same as the previous semester. 

Login link to the e-Learning portal: 

Please contact the College via email at for issues with the e-Learning portal. 

Students must ensure that they are able to log in to the e-Learning portal from Tuesday, 14th February 2023.

Access to online classes and video tutorials will start from the 14th of February 2023. 

Students are advised to pay serious attention to the 2023 ACADEMIC CALENDAR for the purpose of deadlines and other important dates related to their studies. 

Issues related to academics should be directed and copied to: 

Students who reside outside Johannesburg and who will be studying any of the courses listed here: Click here: List of courses should contact the officer in charge of examination urgently on or before the 15th of February via Whatsapp – 0605233391 regarding setting up exams in the city or nearby city where they reside. 

Those who live in Johannesburg will be expected to write in Johannesburg. 

Students whose courses form part of this list Click here: List of courses should note that their exams will be online from the e-learning portal. 

Students who wish to change the previous examination centre are also advised to contact the officer in charge.

Concerns about the examination centre should be forwarded via email to 

Once examination results are available, they can be viewed from the e-Learning Portal provided the student’s fees are up to date. 

Concerns about the examination results should be forwarded via email to and also via Whatsapp – 0605233391

The following must be noted: 

  1. There will be a minimum of two assessments per module per semester. 
  2. The assessments will have a submission deadline. 
  3. Students will be expected to submit the assessments online from the e-Learning Portal on or before the due date for submission. 
  4. Depending on the program of study, examinations will be written either online or face-to-face.
  5. The modes of examination are stated on the CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION document issued to all fully registered students. 

Concerns about assessments and examinations should be forwarded via email to 

Understanding how things work is a critical part of studying at the College. The STUDENT ORIENTATION GUIDE provides this information

Please find a copy of the orientation guide here Click here: Orientation guide

It is important that students read and familiarise themselves with the basic way the college operates from the information provided in the orientation guide. 

A copy of the academic calendar is available here: Click here: academic calendar

The academic calendar provides important information regarding the dates for every academic activities at the college. 

Each course module has a dedicated WhatsApp group for effective communication between students and their respective lecturers. 

The student should ensure that they are added to all the WhatsApp groups for all the modules they will be taking during each semester. 

For effective communication with the College, the following channels are recommended:

  • Telephone
    • 011 338 9093
    • 011 071 7171 

Any payment(s) must be made to the College’s banking details using the student’s ID number or Passport number as the payment reference.  

Once payment is made, it is important that all proof of payments MUST be sent via email to 

Bank: ABSA 

Account Name: HillCross College 

ABSA account No: 4097797305 

Branch Code: 632005 

Reference: Your ID number 

Issues about payments & student accounts should be forwarded via email to

If you Have Any Questions call us at 011-071-7171

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